Bum Apples Cover.jpg


Now in full colour, Bum Apple Freak Show is online for your viewing pleasure. This will be the last comic upload before the website is removed in February. I hope you enjoy. If you want to keep any comics please be sure to download them for safekeeping as soon they will no longer be available here.

Steven Brown

5th January 2020

The Best Burger.jpg


September is here. My goal of one new comic a month for a year is complete! Here is the final new comic in my goal, The Best Burger. Written by a young lad named Jalen (aged 8) whilst out enjoying a burger in Derby. All is going well until an egg falls onto the table and things start to get a little weird.

Steven Brown

28th September 2019

The Best Burger.png
Lizard Thing Cover.jpg


August is here and another brand new comic. Lizard Thing was thought up by Thom O'Sullivan and Giovanni Ferri around the Christmas holidays of 2018. They were throwing around some very abstract concepts that made this story quite hard to convert into a comic. I had to change a few things as I didn't know how to draw some of them (feelings and psychic energy and so on). So I did the best I could. I hope you enjoy it.

Steven Brown

5th August 2019

Lizard Thing.png
Bowling Cover.jpg


It's July already, it's going pretty quick this year. I've almost reached my goal of one new comic a month for a year. Just a little challenge to make things interesting.

This month we have The Bowling Disaster. A comic that Is set in a bowling alley and was also written in one. It stars Katharine Reynolds, bowling champ. In this story things aren't going too well for her. In fact it's probably her worst day ever. How will she survive this horrible day? Well, you can read the comic for free and find out!

Steven Brown

10th July 2019

The Bowling Disaster Comic
Alien Ink Cover.jpg


It's June and I'm proud to release Alien Ink. This one was imagined by Faye, a friend of mine since college days. It also stars Faye and it begins in a tattoo studio when she hears a voice calling her from the downstairs room. Never ever go into the downstairs room! You've been told!

This story was made using Rory's Story cubes and the amazing power of Tea. Please read it online or you can even download it for keepsies if you like.

Steven Brown

2nd June 2019

Alien Ink.png


It's May and Aliens have landed! again! I have released Invaders in colour! You may have seen this before but not like this. I got out my crayons (Not real ones, computerised ones, I'm not allowed real ones as I make too much mess) and done some colouring in.

Set in the early stages of an invasion from hugely destructive aliens. How will humanity get through this one?

Steven Brown

6th May 2019

Rusty Easter Cover.jpg


Well hello there folks. It's Easter and here's a brand new comic called Rusty Easter that's inspired by Easter. It's narrated by God. He takes the time to tell the story of what really happened and why we celebrate Easter today. It's seeped in history and legend. An epic story that would make Hollywood proud. Come on Hollywood, make this into a film please!

Steven Brown

18th April 2019

Rusty Easter.png
Quick One 2 Blackberries Cover.jpg


I'm happy to announce that "Just A Quick One" Part 2: Blackberries is here! This is a sequel to the September 2018 "Just A Quick One" which is a comic based on my dad. I say based on, it's just a recollection of what actually happend. A case of writing down the facts and converting them to comic form. I found this quite tough going but I tried to do a little bit each day. The cat has got a habbit of coming in from outside and sitting on my artwork with his damp paws so I have to start again.

The story picks up in the car for a road trip to Chapel St Leonards. It's only 20 pages but I'm panning another at some point in the future.

I hope you enjoy it.

Steven Brown

3rd March 2019

Arf Said Dog Cover.jpg


A new comic for February. It's got this dog that just won't stop asking questions. 

Please enjoy

Steven Brown

1st February 2019

While The World Was Dreaming Cover.jpg


Happy new year folks! This months comic starts with a star that sends the entire planet to sleep. Well, almost everyone. All except Greg that is. 

Steven Brown

4th January 2019

Dreaming button.png
The Library Cover.jpg


December is here and so is The Library. A short comic about, you guessed it, a library. This one was imagined by Stacey Bateman.

Steven Brown

4th December 2018

The Library Button.png
Shiny Hole Cover.jpg


November is here and Shiny Hole is complete! So please check it out here for free. This story was thought up by Carla Conte and Matthew Flemming by taking it in turns using Story Cubes. It's the story of a road trip gone wrong so click to read all about it.

Steven Brown

8 November 2018

Shiny Hole Blue BUTTON.png
Lightning FIsh Cover.jpg


Hi, it's October and here's a new comic for you. This time a sort of fantasy set in a time of magic. It also has a fluffy little bunny!

Steven Brown

October 2018

Lightning Fish Button.png
Just A Quick One Comic


This month I am releasing "Just A Quick One" here for free! It's a 22 page comic based on my dad. Simply use your clicking fingers to get the goods.

Steven Brown

September 2018

Download Just A Quick One
Rusty Spoons Free Comic


All 200 copies of Rusty Spoons (my first book) have all been sold! To celebrate I'm now launching the digital version here on my site for free. Simply click on the link below or the cover image for Rusty Spoons. You can view it online and download it if you wish.

A big thank you to everyone who bought a copy of this. I'm happy to have put these little stories out into the world. There won't be any more print runs of this so whoever has one you have 1 of only 200 made.

Enjoy the Stories folks.

Steven Brown

12 May 2018

Rusty Spoons Comic Download
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