Here's the new artwork for a brew due out in November. A yummy sounding campfire marshmallow stout for those cold nights that be coming soon. It's already jumper in the morning sun cream in the afternoon weather.

28th September 2019


A brand new Oatmeal stout design for Alter Ego. This one features Matt's (From Alter Ego) cat Elmo. This is currently being brewed and will be out mid September. It's one of the core range beers for them along with Echo Chamber, Side Kick and Incognito.

7 September 2019


A brand new breakfast stout design for Alter Ego! Vigilante is here. A Sous-Chef by day and a egg-masked utensil wielding ninja by night. But, oh no! Alter Ego have changed their minds. Last minute change! Oh well, I thought I'd share this anyway. So next month I'll be doing a new version for this. The name is slightly changing too. It's going to be an Oatmeal stout.

5th August 2019


Not an official Alter Ego Brew. I did the artwork when I first found out that they were setting up shop and got quite excited. Matt made a Saison for a BBQ event and got his little girl Erin to name it. He said "What shall I call it Erin?" and she replied "Put it in your mouth". So I did this design for the BBQ. I thought I'd share this design here.

5th August 2019


This beer was done a long time ago as a one off batch. I did this design as a test when I first heard that Alter Ego was being set up. It's not one of their official brews but I got excited. We put this pump clip on the tap for a summer BBQ party last year.

5th August 2019


Alter Ego brewing company have settled on four beers for their core range. Incognito will be one of them. An IPA that is currently being brewed and has almost sold out of the first batch. These pump clips have been ordered and it should be in local bars (Near Heanor, Derbyshire) soon.

As you can see I went for an invisible man design this time. My design briefs are indeed brief. I get the name and the strength of the beer. That's it. It gives you lots of freedom but is also quite daunting. What the heck am I going to draw on this blank piece of paper?

10th July 2019


This month I have been asked to do a pump clip design for a changeable range of beers called To Be Continued... . The first brew will be Oxymoron, a Dark Strong Mild at 5.9%. The design has some empty space at the top so the brewer can slap a label on with the beer name. This is so they can experiment with small batch brews on a regular basis. Any popular ones may become a main stay in the future.

18th April 2019


Alter Ego Brewing Company asked me to design an artwork for a raspberry porter of evil! This time I've gone for masked villain who has found some kind of raspberry artifact and has used it to melt his victims in a sea of raspberry death.

This brew is still in production. There has been a first batch but it's been decided it needs more raspberries. There are a few other brews in progress as well. Don't forget that you can check out Alter Ego Brewing Company on UNTAPPD. They currently have 2 beers out in the wild.

3rd March 2019

AE_Mr BrownTown.png

This is a best bitter and was named after me! Ha ha har! I have featured some of the characters from my books on this one. There is the boyfriend of John Protheroe, an Istanbul Clown. There is the evil fire starting wizzard, the business crow, an evil voodoo doll, Stacey Bateman and a strange Mr Brown character poking out from his carnival tent.

This brew came about after many requests from pubs requesting a best bitter. So with any luck this will be a popular drink when it is released.

3rd March 2019

Alter Ego are at it again! This time they are brewing a Red IPA named after the classic Arnie film Total Recall. Here's what the new artwork for the pump clip looks like.

I've also been commissioned to do another pump clip artwork for a Best Bitter and it's named after me! Thank you very much. It's called Mr Brown Comes To Town and there will be some artwork uploaded next month.

'Get your ass to Mars'

1st February 2019


I know there is mainly Alter Ego news at the moment. But this is pretty exciting for me. I get paid to do illustrations for the first time ever!

This month I have been making a business card for the brand new brewery Alter Ego. Their first brew for trade started in mid November and things are starting to come together. I've tried samples! It's very tasty stuff indeed!

4th December 2018


Last month I have been doing some social media designs for Alter Ego Brewing company. Just a profile picture and some banners for Twitter and Facebook. I've gone with a sea creature theme this time. So follow the links and give them a like.


Alter Ego brewing has been doing test batches to perfect the recipe for it's first official brew. The first brew day for Echo Chamber begins on the 14th November 2018. This should be ready by the end of the month!

Good luck Alter Ego! Can't wait to order one of these beers when they are released into the wild.

8 November 2018

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Here is the second design for Alter Ego Brewing Company. This time a session IPA at 4.5%. The brand new brewery is still preparing for business and with the designs done for the first two brews they are getting close to their first official brew day that will be available in local pubs.

1st October 2018


I've been asked to do a few pump clip designs for a new start up brewery based in Heanor called Alter Ego Brewing Company. Here is the very first design, Echo Chamber! A pale ale at 3.8%.


The brewer is still in the process of setting up the brewing equiptment and will hopefully begin trading by the end of the year. I'll keep you posted.

1st October 2018

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