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This is my very first book and took a long time to complete, probably around 3 years. I wasn't counting and never intended it to be a full book to start with. I just wanted to do something with my life without involving a computer (At least until the very last step). It contains 13 tales from the perspective of characters based on different emotions. The entire thing is done using watercolour and black pen. It was intended to be quite dark material and is inspired by such things as The Melancholy death Of Oyster Boy, Salad fingers and Lenore.

I did two print runs of 100 copies of this book. I've been to events around the country over the years and have sold all 200 copies! There will be no more hard copies of this book but you can get a PDF of it for free in the digital comics section of this website. So go and check it out if you haven't already. A big thank you to everybody who bought a copy!

Release date: 2011

Pages: 128

Size: 135mm x 195mm



This was my second book. I say book, it's a mini comic of only 16 pages. It follows the story of Jesus and Santa. Watch as their friendship is consumed by jealousy and extreme competitiveness. It's a short satirical look at religion and the human race that perhaps we can all learn something from?

This comic was done using watercolour and black pen. The same techniques used for Rusty Spoons. I've sold about half of this print run now at various events. It's proving difficult as people on want to buy them in December for some reason. I'll get there eventually.

Released: December 2013

Size: 105mm x 148mm

Pages: 16


For my third book I decided to scrap the watercolour part. I had alot of different ideas and wanted to produce them faster. So this time I just went with the black pen. I also decided to get my friends involved. It was around this time that I discovered a book while in a London bookshop called Surrealist Games. I loved the Ideas in here for creating texts and stories and art. A year later I discovered Rory's Story Cubes while on a plane. These used the same principles as the surrealist tales but in a handy compact and fun sized game.

In this edition there are 9 short stories. Meet a man who is distracted by a strange pink greyhound while in the betting shop. Meet a top hat who has a penchant for heavy metal and ladies of the night. So go on, plunge into alternative worlds where anything is possible.

Release Date: March 2016

Size: 105mm x 148mm

Pages: 128


This is my fourth book of short stories. It's done using the same story telling techniques as The Betting Shop Distraction and drawn in black pen. I got the help of new friends to help create the stories and had great fun doing so.


In this book meet John, who after certain life-changing fruit-based developments, runs away to join the circus. Or a man whose eyes melt after a crab nibbles on his toes and who has to adapt to a life of blindness. Plunge into alternative worlds and visit the 1800s, move to London to start a better life or simply stay in bed. So go on, why not open that strange box that has just appeared and take a peek inside?

Release Date: October 2016

Size: 105mm x 148mm

Pages: 128

I am pleased to announce that Alien Ink & Other Surreal Tales has been fully funded on Kickstarter. A big BIG thank you to everyone who pledged towards the book. It is now in the final stages and I'm getting it ready to send to the printer.

Steven Brown

21st October 2019


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