It is time to say goodbye. The website is up for renewal in February and I no longer have the time and energy to put into creating comics. I have done comics for over ten years now and it's time to try something new. So long folks! If you want to keep any comics please download the free PDFs for safekeeping. They won't be here much longer.

Steven Brown

5th January 2020


Alien Ink and Other Surreal Stories has arrived! I will be sending out pre-ordered copies very soon. There will also be a limited number of copies available at the book launch on Sat 7th December at Dubrek Studios in Derby from 7pm.

The finished book looks, feels and smells great! A chunky hardback in full colour with a nice black ribbon bookmark built in. I can't wait for you to see it.

Steven Brown

26th November 2019

Alien Ink Front Cover.jpg


I am pleased to announce that Alien Ink & Other Surreal Tales has been fully funded on Kickstarter. A big BIG thank you to everyone who pledged towards the book. It is now in the final stages and I'm getting it ready to send to the printer.

Steven Brown

21st October 2019

Exhibit Banner.jpg



On the evening of Saturday the 7th of December 2019 I will be hosting a book launch & exhibition of my work from the past year. This will be at Dubrek Studios in Derby. It's quite exciting. I've got loads of work to do in preparation. Please click the image to go to the event page on Facebook and pop it on your calendar.

21st September 2019



Meet the Boxerpuss, a surrealist game creation. If you've not heard of the game it's where you take it in turns with a friend or two in drawing parts of a character. Someone starts with a head then folds the paper so the next person can't see it and then they draw the body and so on. Then you reveal it at the end. The Boxerpuss here was created in just that way. I drew him up in best afterward. It's a great way of creating characters. It's just a bit of fun but I enjoyed it so I'm going to do a few of these. Maybe then create some kind of story from them at a later date. You don't even need to create characters, you could create scenes or buildings or whatever really.

5th August 2019



I got a nice review in a magazine once. I found it in the magazine by accident really, as no one told me that it was going to be featured. Taken from the July 2018 edition of LeftLion magazine on page 35 under the book reviews section:

Wildly original and intensely weird, Bum Apple Freak Show and Other Stories transports you to a world full of chaos and unimaginable storylines. Despite the fact that these are extremely short stories, with the combination of Steven Brown’s fantastic illustrations and the use of simple writing techniques, this book is the ultimate entertainer and shall not fail to make you laugh. There is an eclectic mix of stories, ranging from a man in the 1800s who tries to re-sell a mysterious item, to a group of individuals who deal with a peculiar box that does terrifying things. Steven Brown and his band of imaginers use a bizarre blend of techniques to construct original ideas that evoke everything from confusion to laughter. Awesomely, the authors have managed to liberate themselves from “premeditation and reason,” producing a book that is incredibly funny and definitely worth the read.

Filsan Hirmoge



I am currently compiling material for a 5th book. I intend to release this using a crowd funding site. It will only be available as a limited print run. As usual it will be a compilation of short stories. This time I plan to do a hard back edition in full colour at 192 pages long. I'm not entirely sure when this will be ready but I hope before the end of the year (depending on the interest in the project). I will be including stories created in the last year and will include stories by collaborators Faye Simcox-Lawrence, Stacey Bateman, Johann Chipol, Scot Cook, Giovanni Ferri, Thom O'Sullivan, Carla Conte, Matt Flemming, Katharine Reynolds and more to be determined. It's a lot of hard work but am looking forward to seeing if I can get this project off the ground, which will depend entirely upon backing from friends and family. I'm counting on you guys.


10th July 2019


I've been filling up sketchbooks with new stories for a few years now. I've even managed to fill half of one in the past few months. I just need to get drawing. These should keep me going with my one a month comic goal. I know I previously stated that I would not make any more printed books. I might have an attempt (when I get together enough stories) at a kick starter campaign later in the year. I hope that people will be interested in this. I'll keep you posted.

1st February 2019

My brother receiving a plastic bag of yogurts from my dad.


I originally planned to make a third book as part of a surrealist trilogy of books. This was going to follow Bum Apple Freak Show. I don't think this will happen anymore. I will now publish the stories from this online for free. It's good as I can do them in colour (To print in colour can be quite expensive) rather than black and white. I'm trying to make one mini comic a month. I hope to keep this an ongoing project provided I have the energy. Some of the comics may be a little longer so I may release them in parts for the lengthier ones.

4th December 2018


Well, after the EM-Con event at the start of May I'm happy to report that all 200 Copies of Rusty Spoons have now been sold!


This is quite a mile stone for me and it's been a hard slog to get this far. This represents about ten years of my life as I started making the book about two and a half years previous to its release. It's time it came to an end so I've decided there will be no further print runs of this book. I will be making a PDF available to download in the near future for those who didn't get to catch it in all its printed glory.

If you have been kind enough to buy one, thank you very much. You have 1 of only 200 copies ever made.

May 2018


This year I attended EM-Con, sharing a stall with Hawk and Cleavers Luke Kondor & Co on the 5th and 6th May. If you don't know Hawk and Cleaver then what are you playing at? They do a lovely Sci-fi comic 'El Marvo' about a Mexican wrestler transported to a post apocalyptic future. They also do books, podcasts and anything else they can get their grubby little hands on. Check out H&C Here:


I challenged myself to create a new comic for this event and I managed to do it! I created "Just A Quick One". A comic about my dad. I've done a limited run of these and sold 4 at the event. It turned out pretty good. I also did a mini comic called Invaders that I've made available as a free download on this site! Check out Invaders here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out the comics, I hope you enjoy your purchases.

May 2018

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